Saturday, 31 December 2011

e-marketing & Utilising Social Network Sites To Promote Our Work

Due to all my time constraints at the moment, the lovely Ros offered to blog on behalf of the Ragleth Writers Group this month. This is what we got up to;
Ragleth Writers enjoyed a specially extended workshop meeting on 14th November, hosted at Affcot Lodge.
We had some very interesting updates from all members and we had all achieved much of what we had set ourselves at the previous meeting.  We also welcomed a new member who needs some support to finish her book.  But the main business of the day was to explore what we could do as authors to promote and market our work.

Helen Leathers is an experienced and inventive marketeer (along many other things) and she provided a very helpful checklist to enable us think about exactly how to present and market our books.  This methodology can be reused for each piece of work and provides prompts, structure and information.  We were able to question Helen and learn a great deal about marketing and new technologies (although some of us remain a little bemused by all these new opportunities).  
The latter part of the meeting was utilised to actually do some of the activities we had highlighted for example reviewing each others work on line. We then set ourselves tasks for the next meeting which will be on January 9th 2012, to be held at Ticklerton Hall, courtesy of Judith and Ray Gordon.
Happy Writing!

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