Monday, 21 March 2011


Really pleased with the feedback after our first meeting – we all seemed to take away something positive from the experience!

Debbie has been busy typing away, to all hours, with a renewed enthusiasm for her novel.

Judith and John have been hard at work getting their already published novels on to Kindle.

Ros, co-author of an academic book, is seriously considering the plot for her debut novel.

Helen, author and creator of non-fiction books, e-books and meditation Cd’s (and all-round human dynamo) has set up the Ragleth Writers twitter account and is now developing our new website –  

As for me, although I wouldn’t describe myself as a technophobe, I would admit to being techno-challenged, and so setting up this blog and opening a twitter account (even posting photographs from my phone - see below) were no mean feats. And it does go to show that you never know what you can achieve until you try. It’s so easy for us to just say “No, I can’t do that,” and stay within our comfort zone but just imagine what we might be missing out on? That challenge we dread is rarely as complicated as it first appears. We’re all capable of so much more - we just need the motivation and support to fulfil our true potential.

As an aspiring novelist, the long-winded business of trying to get work published can be a demoralising affair. The constant stream of rejection letters can be very disheartening - not to mention, a fire hazard! I knew I was in trouble when it was too much of an effort to procrastinate!!

But those days are gone. The Ragleth Writers’ Group will help me stay positive and encourage me to push myself that little bit harder every day! ...Well, most days! Let’s not get too carried away…it’s not a magic group….is it??? 

So, let me re-cap:

Not only do The Ragleth Writers have an incredibly talented group of writers, but also; a twitter account, a blog and now a website (in development).

Wow! All that…after just one meeting! What on earth will we be doing after our second outing?

At this rate, I’m thinking that a world take-over is not that far down the line? Global domination, here we come!! Mwahh!

View of The Ragleth

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

First Meeting - 8th March 2011

Whether we’re luxuriating in our own office or cramped in a tiny space under the stairs, we writers are happy as long as we’re able to release all those pent-up creative juices!

However, as much as we love our little cocoon, writing can  be a pretty solitary existence – apart from all those imaginary voices in our heads (or is that just me?).

And so the hunt was on to find like-minded folk who could spare a couple of hours each month to share any pearls of wisdom that they have gleaned on their literary journey. The main aim was to attract friendly local writers who would be generous in spirit as well as with their time, who would also be prepared to offer support, constructive critique and encouragement to the other members.

I must admit to being a little nervous before the meeting. The ladies (and gentleman) who would be attending were relative strangers to one another - drawn together by their love of books and writing.

But I'm pleased to say that I needn't have worried. Our first meeting exceeded my expectations with everyone quickly establishing a friendly ease with each other, enabling an instant flow of ideas, feedback and support. 

Reading aloud our own words, laying bare our soul for critique, can be a daunting experience so it is essential that we feel confident to express ourselves. Not only do I think, as a group, we instilled that confidence but I think the strength of feeling went even stronger. I felt there was an instant camaraderie within the group, a positive energy that was championing the member's personal expression (and genuine anger directed at the thoughtless online critic that had caused our girl to feel doubt about her brilliant work). Honest, constructive criticism is essential from our members. As Debbie calls it, "Pollyanna" feedback where you're told your work is nice or good from well-meaning family and friends is not very helpful but being cruel for the sake of cruelty is uncalled for. The Ragleth Writers will not tolerate meanness.     

And so we start our journey...I can't wait for the next chapter.